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How To Clean Your Laptop

Face it. Our laptops are disgusting.  They go with us everywhere and crumbs hairs and dust settle nicely into the keyboard which isn't exactly a cake walk to clean.  Not to mention how the screens take to someones greasy finger touching it.

Things you'll need:​

  • ​Regular dish soap
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A pipe cleaner (you know those fuzzy bendy things)
  • A can of compressed air

This video from Clean My Space pretty much covers it.  Please comment with photos of your squeaky clean laptops or questions if you have any!

Easy DIY All Purpose Cleaners

I had an urge to clean my house the other day.  I went to grab the Lysol all purpose cleaner like I normally would, but realized I was fresh out.  I have always been drawn to the DIY kind of thing and would rather use something where I actually knew what the ingredients were, so I set out to make my own cleaner at home.  There are A TON of ideas online so I began to test them and see which ones worked and which ones didn't.  So for your enjoyment and DIY cleaning education here is what I found.

What comes up when I search Google?

DIY all purpose google results

Funny thing is this is entirely ineffective as a cleaner.  You see when mixing baking soda with vinegar, the two react.  The result of this reaction is sodium acetate and water, not a good cleaner.  but you can make "hot ice" or even DIY hand warmers with it.  more on that later.

Super Effective DIY All Purpose Cleaner From Wellness mama

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Freshen Up Smelly Shoes

cleaning stinky shoes

​We've all been there, your favorite shoes just become to stinky to wear.  You go to Google for the solution, try baking soda they say, stick them in the freezer, even rubbing alcohol. nothing works.  Let's face it, there is one real solution that is going to work.

​Let's go over some of the popular ways out there and why they don't work.

1. Baking soda

Yes baking soda will absord odors.  That's why you find it in most refrigerators in America, but your shoes stink for a different reason. They are dirty.

​2. Freezing Them

The theory is freezing your shoes will kill the bacteria that is causing the problem.  If you were to put a smelly sock in the freezer would it come out smelling like flowers? NO! again they are dirty and need cleaning.

So What Will Work?

​Just like when you are dirty, you take a shower, your shoes need a good bath.

Gather Materials

​You will need:

  1. A sink with a plug (Preferably a kitchen sink with 2 basins)
  2. Laundry soap (liquid works best)
  3. vinegar (if you have hard water in your area)​

Get Washing