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Predict The Weather | For Real

great weather

Two things I truly love are science and great weather.  I watch my weather apps constantly and make plans for the outdoors when the weather is the best.  Like most people the sunshine gives a boost in mood as well as vitamin D.

To often though I look at the app and see something like this​

weather screenshot

But instead of getting this 

I end up getting this

Every now and then The Weather man gets It wrong.

Even though technology is getting more advanced by the day in the field of meteorology sometimes mother nature makes up her mind to do whatever she wants.

The one thing I have to be accurate most often is my own weather station, most important for predicting the weather is my glass barometer.

Ever seen one of these before?

 It's a barometer.  Some people call them glass barometers, or Galileo barometers. Super easy to use, just fill it with water and food coloring.

When the barometric pressure gets low, it's an indicator that the weather is going to get worse or a storm is coming.  When the pressure rises, it's a sure indicator that the weather is getting better.

With this device you can watch the barometric pressure change in real time.  When the water rises the pressure is dropping when it drops the pressure is rising.

These things really work.   Literally just the other day it was beautiful outside, even the weather report was saying we were in the clear.  My wife commented that the pressure was really low.  Within a few hours the wind had picked up big time and stayed for several hours.   Having this little thing in my house peaked my interest in predicting the weather and meteorology.

My next purchase

In an effort be a more of a weather geek, I picked a full fledged electronic weather station.​

Predict the weather | Weather station

These are a lot of fun, you can pick one up on amazon for around $40ish.   They give you more data, are pretty accurate with the weather predictions and look pretty cool too! However when it comes to predicting the weather my glass barometer wins every time.

​The Storm Glass

Storm Glass

Being a science nerd, you get nerdy gifts. This is one of them.  It's called the Fitzroys Storm Glass.  It will supposedly tell you about the upcoming weather patterns by the crystal formations inside the glass.  

I was curious and hopeful for this one.  It has an impressive history being used on the HMS beagle.  This was the ship that took Darwin and his crew to those islands with the finches or something.  Apparently on the ship they observed that if the liquid was clear the weather would be clear, if it was cloudy the weather would be cloudy too.

Based on my observations and the same as many others is that temperature is the only thing to get the crystals to change.  and since my place is usually right around 70 degrees, I don't see much action from it.


The weather can be crazy and hard to predict.  Weather apps are fairly accurate but if you want to get geeky and really be able to see whats going to happen on your own get a glass barometer or weather station.

What have you tried to predict the weather?  Any hacks we should know about? Comment below!​