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We all love food right? Some people love it differently though.  We decided to make a list of places to find whatever your heart desires.  Even if your not 100% paleo or vegan it is still fun to try different foods.  If you’ve been pushing the meat train for a while it might do you some good to stuff your face with vegan food once in a while, know what I mean?

Anyway here we go!

Vegan food Directories

vegan food directory

Find Great vegan food at – I put this one to the test and was extremely impressed by what it brought up.  In one search of my city I found several shops, a TON of restaurants and a few things in between.  It will specify when you hover over the listing whether it’s vegetarian friendly, vegan, a shop ect. So to find local vegan foods and resources check them out!

vegan food finder is another great vegan source.  While the site is less on frills it is well researched, has great vegan resources, and is reviewed well by visitors.  I love knowing what to expect when going somewhere so seeing actual reviews from people who have tried the location out is essential, and that is where Veg Guide thrives.

Paleo Food Directories

Paleo is still a little hard to find.  Many places don’t exactly cater to the paleo eater but have options to make it a lot easier!

Paleo local is a great resource for finding paleo friendly restaurants in certain cities. It is still a little limited but on the homepage if you know of one you’d like added to the site you can submit it there.

paleo magazine | restaurant guide

Paleo Magazine has this guide to help you eat paleo where ever you go. It includes 18 tips to eat paleo at restaurants.  Here are a couple to wet your lips.

  • Tell them you have a gluten alergy.  I mean don’t we all really?
  • Almost any restaurant will sub a side for vegetables, you just gotta ask!

Find Local Farmers Markets

USDA logo

USDA Farmers market directory – Believe it or not the old USDA has a pretty robust directory of farmers markets in your area.  I did a local search and found 8 farmers markets within 10 miles of me. That’s a lot of local food.  When you click info on the listing it gives you the type of vendors, address, days and times the market is open, and contact information for the market.

Gluten Free Restaurant Directories list restaurants that serve gluten free meals if you want to take it up a notch you can check out this small but helpful list of restaurants that are completely gluten free at

Just eating well

Eat well guide

eat well guide is one of my absolute favorites.  If you just want to eat locally sources quality and sustainable food check out They offer a well maintained curated source of farmers markets, farms that you can buy directly from, and just sustainable food.  I think everybody could benefit from just looking at the sources around them to eat better food.


Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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