Food Hacks For Cooking on a Budget | 7 Tips To Make It Easier

 Cooking Healthier on a budget

The funny thing about cooking healthier on a budget is that its actually pretty easy!  Most of the foods you end up eating because they are more affordable are actually the healthier options. First things first you’re probably going to end up in the produce department.  Most everything here can be found for less than a couple dollars.  Let’s start with tip one.

1. Bulk Up On Veggies

These foods are packed with nutrients and cheap.  Try heads of broccoli, cauliflour, carrots, kale, spinach, squash, sweet potatos and regular potatoes to get the best bang for your buck

2. Pick Two

Try pairing 2 produce items with a protein.  A great example would be a sweet potato with some sauteed kale topped with some spices.

3. Use What Goes Bad First

This needs no explaination. Food that goes bad in the fridge is a waste of money.

4. Learn to Love the Pantry

Look for deals in canned food.  Great healthy options and you can usually get them for around a dollar. Try to look for BPA free cans when possible.

5. Get Creative With Pantry Goods

Mix and match. Pairing some canned soups, chilis and other seasonings can be delicious and filling.

6. Learn to Rotate Proteins

Change it up! Lentils, peas, beans and lean chicken in the freezer section are all good ways to get quality protein on the cheap.

7. Be Smart With Your Portions
Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our bellies, Try to make realistic portions and save the rest for later.

As you can see, by making a budget and trying to eat cheaper, you are getting a lot more nutrients in your meals. Not only will your fincial life be healthier so will your body!

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